Star Wars Legion: AT-ST Unit

Star Wars Legion: AT-ST Unit

D-Six Games

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Across the Star Wars saga, Imperial walkers have formed a key part of the Empire’s ground-based operations. The Imperial assault on Hoth was spearheaded by massive AT-ATs, with lighter, more mobile AT-STs providing flank support. Though All-Terrain Scout Transports (or AT-STs) may lack the sheer firepower and impenetrable armor of an AT-AT, their mobility and ease of deployment makes them a favored option for any Imperial general. Soon, you’ll be able to bring your own AT-STs to your games of Star Wars™: Legion!

Nothing can intimidate the Rebels like the pure size and scope of massive AT-ST walkers. A standard Star Wars: Legion army limits your forces to two heavy units, and hulking vehicles like the AT-ST will become the centerpiece of your forces. 

The AT-ST Unit Expansion features a massive AT-ST miniature as well as all of the upgrade and unit cards needed to add the behometh to your army.