Commander Legends Draft Booster Display

Commander Legends Draft Booster Display

D-Six Games


ESTIMATED RELEASE DATE - 20th November 2020

This item is a pre-order and has not been released yet

The Commander Legends Boosters Box contains 24 Commander Legends Draft Boosters each containing 20 Magic Cards including 2 legendary creatures and 1 premium card.

THE ORDER DRAFT IS HERE. Draft the first boosters designed specifically for the Commander, a Magic: The Gathering format for fighting with friends in epic multiplayer games.
24 DRAFT BOOSTERS Take 3 boosters, add a few base grounds to build a 60-card Commander deck, then show what it is capable of playing in great Free-for-All games with up to 8 friends.
2 LEGENDS PER BOOSTER. Each Commander Legend draft booster contains 2 legendary creatures, and the extension contains more than 70 legends that first appear in MTG.