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In February 1678, after a long career of piracy, Henry Morgan cleverly managed to get himself named Governor of Jamaica, charged with driving out pirates and buccaneers! Rather than doing that, he invited all his former “associates” and brothers-in-arms to settle there, where they were able to finally enjoy the fruits of their activities with total impunity. Thirty years later, the Great Challenge was organised to celebrate his nomination in true style: this was a race around the island, at the end of which the winning team would be the one having amassed the greatest quantity of gold in its holds.

All aboard!

Jamaica is a pirate-themed tactical race, players compete to fill their ships with as much gold as they can whilst also jockeying for final race positions. The higher up the field you finish, the more gold you are awarded. Detours to collect additional gold cost you in the race for the finish line, but increase the haul aboard your ship....So choose wisely! 

Jamaica is a game for 2-6 players, average game time of 30-60 minutes and recommended for ages 8+