Strixhaven: School of Mages Set Booster Display

Strixhaven: School of Mages Set Booster Display

D-Six Games

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Strixhaven is the most elite University in the Multiverse. It features five colleges, which battle it out with their own takes on magic: Silverquil, Lorehold, Prismari, Witherbloom and Quandrix. Learn from the best professors and explore Strixhaven’s huge library!

These packs are aimed at players who are not interested in Draft or Limited play. Each 14-card pack includes several cards interconnected by theme, plus at least one foil card and at least one Rare or Mythic Rare. As you open this booster pack, you experience 4 different sections filled with several excitement points, instead of just the one in a usual booster.


• 30 booster packs per display
• 12 x Cards Per Pack
• 1 x Token Card
• 1 x Art Card