Ticket to Ride London

Ticket to Ride London

D-Six Games


If you enjoy Ticket to Ride, but you're unable to get it to the table because of your busy life or bustling game collection, then the London edition is for you! Ticket to Ride: London is the second title within the streamlined collection. It follows the very popular Ticket to Ride: New York.

Ticket to Ride: London (designed b Alan R. Moon, of course!) is here to give you all the feel of its bigger brother or sister games, but in a more manageable filler-sized game of 10 to 15 minutes! As with all games in this famous series, London tickets plenty of boxes:

• You want a 2-4 players game? Check!
• You want great components? Check!
• Plastic double-decker buses to keep the London theme? Check!
• Smaller cards and board to fit into a compact box? Check!
• Great Ticket to Ride artwork throughout? Check!

Ticket to Ride: London is everything you need a great filler game to be! It can be played on a table or a bus, taxi, and even a yellow submarine....?